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Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. You can donate by clicking the button below, or by writing a check payable to "City Slicker Farms" and mailing it to the following address:

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Community Market Farms Program

Union Plaza Park

City Slicker Farms has operated many urban farms over the years, from tiny backyard plots to city parks. We currently have three active Community Market Farms:

West Oakland Farm Park: 2847 Peralta St.
Union Plaza Park: Corner of 34th and Peralta St.
Ralph Bunche Nursery: 1240 18th St.

Click here for volunteer drop-in hours at each of our Community Market Farms.

About the Community Market Farms Program

Our Community Market Farms Program takes vacant or underutilized land and transforms it into market farms. All the food produced on the farms is distributed on a sliding scale basis at our Saturday farm stand. In an area where access to healthy foods is limited, our farms make it possible for many families to eat fresh vegetables rather than processed foods. The program creates sustainable food systems that provide affordable, nutritious food directly to traditionally underserved populations in West Oakland. In 2010, we secured a grant to purchase a 1.4-acre vacant lot that today is home to a bustling urban farm, public park, and community garden. Find out more about the West Oakland Farm Park here.