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The 2010 Annual Report is here!


We're so happy to share our 2010 Annual Report with you.  Thanks to all of our staff and board members for putting it together and thank you to Querido Galdo for designing it. 


Here's an exert from the report…Enjoy!


At City Slicker Farms, we believe access to safe, affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food is a fundamental human right and that no one should suffer from lack of food because of where they live. For nearly 10 years, City Slicker Farms has been successfully increasing food access by partnering with the West Oakland community to create organic, sustainable, high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens.

2010 was a tremendously successful year for City Slicker Farms. Staff and volunteers partnered with our community to grow over 33,000 pounds of organic food, greatly increasing the health and food self-sufficiency of West Oakland. We helped an additional 30 families and daycare centers build gardens so they can grow their own food and pass on healthy eating traditions. Through our farm tours, we introduced our urban agriculture and food justice programs to over 680 individuals from West Oakland to as far away as Bangladesh. Over 300 volunteers and interns gave over 4,200 hours of their time in farming and gardening labor to ensure that healthy food is available in and for West Oakland.

City Slicker Farms is continuing to grow our capacity and create more opportunities for the community to grow its own food. We envision a West Oakland where all residents have the opportunity to grow their own food or be a part of the food growing process as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our board and staff began an extensive strategic planning process, which will be completed in 2011. In November 2010, City Slicker Farms was awarded a capital grant from the State of California to buy land and build a West Oakland urban farm and park. This project has the potential to more than double City Slicker Farms’ production, while creating more recreation space for West Oakland and helping us reach more families and individuals than ever before.

We are successfully building awareness of our work and the health issues facing West Oakland. At its core, City Slicker Farms is an advocate for food justice and health in West Oakland.  Central to our advocacy strategy is sharing our models and best practices with other organizations and at events and conferences. One of the speaking highlights of 2010 was presenting as a plenary speaker at EcoFarm’s “Planting the Future: New Leaders for Activism in Food and Farm Justice.” We also improved our communications systems, including a new website with new ways for people to follow our progress. Check out our blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page.

We are influencing and inspiring city-wide policies that promote urban agriculture for low-income communities. In order to engage and educate policymakers and decision-makers about urban agriculture and food systems that are just and sustainable, City Slicker Farms collaborates with many organizations. In 2010, we partnered with the Oakland Food Policy Council, the HOPE Collaborative, PolicyLink, the City of Oakland, and others to advocate for people’s right to grow their own food where they live.

We are winning awards and receiving national recognition. This year, City Slicker Farms had the honor of receiving the “2010 Best Green Project NEN” award for our Treasure Island Job Corps Farm project, as well as the East Bay Express “Best Urban Farm” award. We were also selected as a “Local Hero” by Edible East Bay. Our programs have been featured in Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter; Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat by Temra Costa; and Farm Together Now by Amy Franceschini.

We invite you to read our 2010 Annual Report and learn more about our progress, all made possible by you—our community of supporters, allies and donors. If you are already connected to City Slicker Farms, we thank you for your commitment and support. If you are new to our work, we hope you will join us as a donor or volunteer to build a just food system, where everyone has equal access to foods that ensure healthy lives and a safe environment.

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