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City Slicker Farms Staff Share Stories from the Field

Rainy weather provides a great opportunity for contemplation.  Since we have been getting lots of rain over the past couple of weeks, City Slicker Farms staff thought it would be a great opportunity to share what has been happening in the field.  For more updates, you can also join our newsletter by adding your email address to the front page of our website.

Apprentice, Sarah Light, Shares Some of Her Experiences with Youth
A few Saturdays ago a group of young people from Project Avary came and worked with me at our Fitzgerald and Union Plaza parks site.  Project Avary is a non-profit organization that supports children and youth with incarcerated parents.  They promote healthy personal development and responsibility to community.  The group of young people who came were middle and high school aged and it was great to show these dynamic youth around the garden, and to share knowledge and ideas about farming and plants.  The youth arrived with a wide range of experience and information.  One person knew all about the workings of composting and it was great to step back and have this young person explain the process to the group.  This is one of the many reasons I love this work:  meeting amazing youth, learning from them and having the opportunity to come together to grow food.

Operations Manager, Julie Pavuk, Shares our Programs with International Agricultural Leaders
In February I had the great fortune of hosting agricultural leaders from around the world who wanted to learn about the United States’ approach to urban agriculture.   The Institute of International Education convened this group and chose City Slicker Farms as a host site.  We had representatives from all over the world, from Bangladesh to Ethiopia to Japan.  They asked great questions about our West Oakland community and City Slicker Farms' programs, especially the Fitzgerald and Union Plaza Parks (which is a collaboration with the City of Oakland Department of Parks and Recreation).  I was able to show them our biointesive growing methods, how we cover crop for soil health, our vermiculture systems, and our flock of chickens. This was a great experience and I look forward to learning about sustainable agriculture approaches and food justice movements in their countries.

Executive Director Update:  Star Apple Edible Gardens and Fitzgerald and Union Plaza Parks
City Slicker Farms has hired Star Apple Edible Gardens, an Oakland edible landscaping company, to finish constructing the community market farm at Fitzgerald and Union Plaza parks.  If you would like to volunteer with them to help finish this project, join our newsletter to receive updates about volunteer days. You can also check them out at the San Francisco Flower Showthis week.  I'll also be there to talk about City Slicker Farms on Thursday, March 24th at 4pm.  Hope to see you there!

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