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Volunteers at Earth Day 2015Get ready for this year's Oakland Earth Day, a celebration to clean up sites across our city on Saturday, April 23. We'll be hosting a workday at the West Oakland Farm Park, cleaning up and planting seedlings around the farm. This year we're proud to partner with Friendship Christian Center, one of our all-star backyard garden sites. Join us:

Earth Day at the West Oakland Farm Park
Hosted by City Slicker Farms and Friendship Christian Center
2847 Peralta St.
Oakland, CA 94608
Saturday, April 23, 2016
9am - 12pm

No need to RSVP, just show up to the Farm Park at 9 AM!

Last year, dozens of volunteers picked up litter, painted trash cans, and planted seedlings at Union Plaza Park. Across Oakland, about 3,400 volunteers pitched in more than 15,000 hours at 90 sites. Let's see if we can make Oakland Earth Day an even bigger success in 2016! Join us Saturday, April 23 at the West Oakland Farm Park.

Orange treeJoin us on Saturday, March 5 from 10 am to 3 pm at the West Oakland Farm Park for an orchard planting day led by Common Vision, an organization dedicated to creating thriving, producing orchards to build a healthier and more just society. 

Sign up for the workday here.

We can take up to 90 volunteers, so please share with your family and friends!

New Room to Grow for 28 Families

One of the great things about the City Slicker Farms Backyard Garden program is that West Oakland families and community groups get to grow food right in their own backyards. But what about those who don't have a yard and still want to grow food? We've found some pretty creative solutions over the years -- from raised beds on concrete patios to window container gardens to shared gardens between neighbors -- but when we purchased the site of the West Oakland Farm Park, we realized we had a unique opportunity to create a space not just for our staff to grow food, but for community members to grow their own as well, by building a community garden.

In Good Company volunteers carrying the first completed planter box for the community garden.   Hammering the planter boxes into the ground

Black Lives Matter and an Unjust Food System

Black Lives Matter print at the greenhouse

Black Lives Matter. Always.

We recently posted a photo on City Slicker Farms' Instagram featuring the Black Lives Matter sign a student in our community made for us that hangs at our greenhouse. That day we received an uncharacteristic number of unfollows.

Instagram is a visual medium, and we're honored that so many folks appreciate the images of nourishment, beauty and healing we post. Our work to achieve food justice is rooted in West Oakland, a community that experiences the daily violence of poverty, racism, police brutality, eviction and displacement. The nourishment, beauty and healing we share here are a reflection of and in the service to the communities we stand with -- communities that are rising up in power to demand liberation and social change. Black Lives Matter, whether we are confronting police brutality or an unjust food system.

Join Our Community Garden!

Would you like to join a community garden?

In February 2016, City Slicker Farms will open the West Oakland Urban Farm and Park at 2847 Peralta Street in West Oakland. One of the features of the farm-park will be a 28-plot community garden, which will be a place for people to grow their own nutritious food, flowers, and herbs; get exercise; learn together; and find the peace and joy that come with connecting with nature and neighbors.

Joseph and Ariel at the Farm ParkWhen I started as Interim Executive Director of City Slicker Farms in July 2014, I made a promise to the Board of Directors: we would open the West Oakland Urban Farm and Park on my watch, so that the next permanent Executive Director of the organization could come into leadership without the pressure and distraction of a major construction project and capital campaign.

Well, my friends, we are almost there.

One of the most exciting parts about opening the West Oakland Urban Farm and Park will be the partnerships that come to life there; with an outdoor classroom, an educational kitchen, and plenty of public event space, the Farm Park will be a place for community groups to gather and learn.

But the partnerships aren’t only starting at opening weekend — the construction process itself has been an opportunity for collaboration across organizations. One such partnership our staff has been thrilled about is with our friends at Planting Justice. Planting Justice’s Transform Your Yard (TYY) program builds edible landscapes, sending in a team of experienced permaculture designers and landscapers, many of whom were formerly incarcerated.

Darryl Aikens, Salvador Mateo, and Dana Mitchell at the West Oakland Urban Farm and Park

Growing Green Thumbs (and Fans of Veggie Stir Fry!)

At a recent visit to one of our preschool garden sites, City Slicker Farms’ Childcare Garden coordinator Sarah Karlson stood amidst a group of four- and five-year-olds holding a piece of kale.

“Who can tell me what this is?” she asked. “Salad!” the kids yelled with excitement and recognition. “Yes, this is kale–we like to eat kale in salads!”

Sarah Karlson, our Childcare Garden Coordinator, talks veggies with preschoolers at HUSD

Talking BBQ with Farmstand Customer Ron Cain

"I've been barbecuing all my life," said Ron Cain as he perused collards at a recent Saturday farm stand at Union Plaza Park, "but the business I've been doing 11 years."

Ron is a neighbor of our largest Community Market Farm and owner of Ron's Pit Stop, a barbecue business at 25th and Valencia in San Francisco. As an experienced cook, he loves to peruse the many varieties of greens at our weekly farm stand. He has a recipe that uses four types of greens and one special ingredient: smoked turkey butt.

Ron, owner of Ron's Pit Stop, shows off his collard greens at farm stand