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Check Out the 2014 Annual Report

 City Slicker Farms 2014 Annual Report 

"Our roots go deep into a network of farmers, donors, partners, and volunteers who together make possible our mission of empowering people to meet the need for healthy, affordable food for themselves and their families. Thank you to everyone who is a part of our community. I warmly invite you to read about our collective successes in this year’s Annual Report and share in our growth in 2015."

Download the 2014 annual report (1.8 MB PDF)

2013 Annual Report

"As we move into our thirteenth year, we remain rooted in the community we serve and inspired by the forefarmers who have preceded us. The tradition of innovative resilience runs deep in West Oakland–from the grandmas who share their families’ southern recipes at our farm stand, to the four-year-old girl who helped build her family’s Backyard Garden, saying, 'Mama, I’m working in the garden like Michelle Obama.' During the next two years, we will build on this legacy as we develop the new 1.4-acre West Oakland Urban Farm and Park. By establishing this permanent agricultural and recreational resource for West Oakland, we will deepen our partnership with low-income communities to foster a just food system."

City Slicker Farms' 2013 Annual Report is here! (PDF download)



2012 Annual Report

"For the last couple of years, we investigated and planned for a site we could call home. 2012 will go down in City Slicker Farms’ history as the year we bought a plot of our own: 1.4 acres of a soon-to-be bountiful farm and park at Helen and Peralta Streets. This is the only parcel in West Oakland deeded to urban agriculture use. It’s not only a first for City Slicker Farms, it’s also the first time in West Oakland we’ll have fruits on the trees, veggies in the ground, honey bees pollinating, and hens laying eggs as a tasty and dependable right for every family, in perpetuity."

Download the 2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report"2011 marked our tenth anniversary. It was a year full with reflection on where we have been and the perfect opportunity for us to acknowledge all we have accomplished together and to envision our future . . . We honored 10 local heroes who have made such an important difference in the first decade of City Slicker Farms' work, by improving the health and well being of the West Oakland Community. It was inspiring to have everyone in one room and hear first-hand how something as simple as growing food, transforms lives and communities."

Download the 2011 Annual Report:  Our 10 Year Anniversary 

2010 Annual Report


“I LOVE FRESH VEGETABLES so I love to come visit the farm stand! I love chatting with the staff, and seeing what new produce they have. I’m always sharing and learning about recipes with my community. My girlfriend's got a great recipe called Regina’s Maximizer Energy Salad—now that she’s a new Backyard Gardener she can either grow veggies herself or come get them at the farm stand!” -Edith Finch, Farm Stand Customer and Backyard Gardener

 Download the 2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

“I want my family to be able to eat healthier foods, and for my children to learn patience and the value of hard work, knowing that they will be rewarded with the fruits of their labors. I’ve wanted to have a garden for a long time but didn’t know how to get it started. Participating in the Backyard Garden Program has been a dream come true. Now my four-year-old son says, ‘Mom, I want to work in the garden.’”

- New Gardener Clarice Newton  

 Download the 2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

 "Across the Bay Area and around the world, we are feeling the effects of an unprecedented economic crisis. For many who live in West Oakland, the challenges of layoffs, foreclosures and hunger are not new. West Oakland residents meet these challenges with characteristic resiliency. At City Slicker Farms, we support our community by providing West Oakland residents with the tools, resources and technical assistance to put healthy food on their tables . . . Every day, we grow food in our Community Market Farms for our Farm Stand. Every week, we partner with West Oakland families and households to grow food at their own homes. Every month, we host school group visits to increase urban agriculture literacy. Every year, we provide apprenticeships and internships to train youth and adults for sustainable agriculture careers."

Download the 2008 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report 

"Our philosophy is grounded in the techniques of popular education, empowerment, and solidarity, which mean that we trust that the skills, knowledge, and abilities to do this work already exist among the people we serve. Our programs start by investing in indivdiuals through education and training, and then providing them with the essential tools, resources, and support to become food self-sufficent."

Download the 2007 Annual Report


2006 Annual Report

“I think that society is really shaping people to be consumers and people not tobe inventors and not to be thinking about how to create for themselves; and I think that gardening has a lot to do with that . . . These are like life skills . . . if people know how to grow their own food, that's huge . . . I think we need to be thinking about that kind of stuff.” - Backyard Gardener

 Download the 2006 Annual Report